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French Cuisine Insights Insights into the French cuisine trend from our panel of experts

Chicago’s Taureaux Tavern menus dishes that evoke a French brasserie, with American flair.
PHOTO CREDIT: Meghan Leigh


What better cuisine to answer the call for flavor and craveability in an authentic and sustainable manner than French? At its core, French cuisine places an emphasis on the quality of ingredients, minimalistic handling and proper delivery of flavor. By instilling a modern interpretation, the chef is able to capture both the core of its intent and the ability to differentiate and create excitement.

The attributes of French cooking are a perfect complement for plant-forward cuisine, which often lacks indulgence and profound flavor.
Mike Buononato

Most of us chefs who went to culinary school have a classic French culinary background, so most of our actions are based on what we consider safe and controlled. Once we know the basics, we get to create, disrupt and move forward with dishes that are going to shake some heads.
Jorge Cespedes

French Evolution – American ingenuity is turning French cuisine into modern opportunity, making it one of our top 10 flavor trends for 2019.

The first generation remembers, the second generation forgets, and the third generation reinvents. Chefs are updating French cuisine for current times, using the French sensibility and complexity of flavors but giving it a modern twist.
Bev Shaffer

Look to classic technique-driven items with a low food cost to get a new spin—like pimento cheese- or beer-cheese-stuffed gougère. The classic gougère batter can be studded with fresh garlic, baked, cooled, then filled and reheated until gooey-delicious.
Kathy Casey

From the Jan/Feb 2019 Top 10 Trends issue of Flavor & the Menu magazine. Read the full issue online or check if you qualify for a free print subscription.



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