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Veganism Rising Competition is intensifying fast in the vegan space - we look at why

The success of a vegan chocolate hummus with cinnamon chips, served at SAJJ Mediterranean, signals an embrace of vegan fare in unexpected places.
PHOTO CREDIT: SAJJ Mediterranean

The rise of veganism is tightly connected to a younger generation who is rethinking the food they eat and a growing concern about the planet. Additionally, there is a growing number of people who want to eat vegan items from time to time.

Having chefs and restaurants who take vegan cuisine seriously (as opposed to an annoyance) and a society that increasingly accepts vegan cuisine makes it easier for people to pursue this style of eating.

Offering great vegan cuisine as part of the menu mix is a win-win. It attracts an additional subset of customers, and can be a great strategy to reduce food cost. Also, when larger groups dine, it is not uncommon to have a vegan in the group who often determines where they choose to eat.

Competition is intensifying fast in the vegan space, which means that chefs today need to stretch their creativity and make vegan dishes a serious priority.

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