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Pastry Trend Insights Insights into the pastry trend from our panel of experts

Charcoal croissants are trending. Pitchoun! Bakery’s version is topped with caramelized praline.
PHOTO CREDIT: Pitchoun! Bakery

This is a wake-up trend. For years, Americans have been subjected to pastry that looks like a croissant but has no relation to the real thing beyond its basic shape. Thanks to perfectionist pastry chefs, croissants in all of their flaky, airy, and butter-laden glory are making a comeback.

Thanks also to food bloggers who have circulated gorgeous photos of a properly layered croissant. This trend cannot take shape without having the base product made correctly. From there, it is in our nature as Americans to play with something great and come up with new interpretations.

Taking the croissant out of its traditional breakfast place opens it up to many possibilities, especially as a savory bread. Additionally, there is a great opportunity to infuse a plethora of different flavors into the actual croissant through the use of flavored butters and other ingredients that can be sprinkled on the dough before forming the final croissant.
Chris Koetke

The combination of fat-layered dough and the amazing skill needed to produce a perfect croissant makes for a completely craveable treat that looks as impressive as it tastes. The many layers, expertly put together, are perfect for visual platforms like Instagram.

The wonderful taste of croissants makes them the perfect canvas for a wide variety of sweet and savory applications. The varied texture makes them a perfect treat.

Altogether, croissants are well positioned to be the next “it” pastry item. They are ideal for customization, setting the stage for both sweet and savory concepts.
Charlie Baggs

Play Dough – thrilling new variations bring classic, flaky pastries into modern menu development, making pastry one of our top 10 flavor trends for 2019.

You really can’t beat a well-made croissant or any pastry that uses laminated dough. The flakiness, the tenderness, the melt-in-your-mouth quality that you can taste relies on the new/old, trendy ingredient: whole butter.
Elizabeth Moskow

Handheld pastries feed off the never-ceasing coffee trend—the ultimate grab-and-go indulgence to pair with a latte. Bite-sized,
or even dippable is a wave to ride.
Pam Smith

The laminated-dough innovation is starting to push past desserts. B Bistro + Bakery in Miami goes as far as to top it with pizza ingredients to offer something new and Instagrammable.
Jessica Bograd

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