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Bing Trend Insights Insights into the jianbing trend from our panel of experts

Jianbing serves as a convenient vehicle to combine crowd-pleasing Chinese flavors in a cutting-edge street-food format.


One of the appealing factors of the bing is in watching it being created. Each bing is made by hand, one by one, and you cannot rush the process. The combinations of textures and flavors that can be folded inside are endless and allow for numerous customizations.

While it might slow things down, consumers are likely to savor that wait as their perfect bing is created with just the right fillings of their choosing.

This experience encompasses the need for customized food, and the wonderful format of the bing gives the opportunity for amazing culinary fusion.

Charlie Baggs

The Big Bing Theory – the full story about how this savory Chinese crêpe is poised to be the next big global breakout on American menus.

The jianbing is visually appealing and loaded with multiple layers of unique flavors and fillings, making it a very flexible platform.
Adam Moore

In addition to being under the halo of the very popular street-food trend, jianbing delivers on all facets of a dynamic sensorial contrast: crispy/soft, savory/sweet, warm/cool, to name a few.
Stephen Kalil

With a myriad of textures, the bing really delivers on an exciting flavor experience. It is also ultimately customizable as the carrier is somewhat neutral and you can go savory and/or sweet.
Robert Danhi

Here in the U.S., the bing means endless ways to carry flavor in a newer format. This also gives us an opportunity to call out specific regions of China, and many other areas.
Rick Perez


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