Picture for Pabil Chicken Taquitos
Pibil Chicken Taquitos with housemade garlic ranch, salsa verde and Cotija cheese
Picture for Taco Time: Low Cost, High Reward
Premium Aussie lamb helps you stay relevant and profitable
Picture for Eastern Med Meets Latin American
These craveable Latin favorites embrace Eastern Med flavors
Picture for Flavor Expedition 2019: Part Two
Classic ingredients enjoy flavor-forward new treatments
Picture for Targeting Tacos
Chefs hone in on what makes tacos successful for their brands
Picture for Tewa Tacos
Butternut squash, black-bean/corn salsa, blue-corn tortillas, red chile sauce, pomegranate-kale slaw, maple cream, pumpkin seeds, Cotija
Picture for Szechuan Dan Dan Taco
Szechuan Dan Dan Taco with ground beef, Sichuan pepper aïoli, bok choy salad, crispy wonton strips and Sriracha crickets
Picture for Fried Green Tomato Taco
Fried Green Tomato Taco with bacon, Cajun ranch, lettuce, pico de gallo, roasted corn
Picture for Sandwiching the globe
Handhelds wrap global flavors and craveability into a familiar format
Picture for 4 Modern Spins on Taco Salads
That classic Tex-Mex dish is ready for its Instagram moment
Picture for Clever and Creative Menu Finds from the Trends Tour
While researching the Trends Tour of 2018 part 2, a few dishes stood out - the frico taco, onion dip, and the breakthrough of Sea Buckthorn.
Picture for A New Wrap
Versatile, convenient and familiar, wraps roll into a lot of today’s flavor trends
Picture for Soft On Tacos
Tacology offers a Soft-Shell Crab Taco with creamy jalapeño sauce
Picture for Level Up Your Nachos
Taking cues from the loaded fries movement, chefs are turning to nachos for fun, creative menu offerings
Picture for Tostada: Taco’s Next Frontier
Building upon a sturdy base of a crispy, craveable tortilla, the fun-loving tostada offers serious menu-development opportunity
Picture for Taco Revolution
Today's tacos take inspiration from all cuisines including Latin, Southeast Asian, Indian, Mediterranean. There's a huge opportunity in global taco mash-ups with a casual, social vibe.
Picture for The Taco Evolution Through Trends
4 trends that adapt well in taco format creating portable, powerful flavor
Picture for The New Phenomenon of Dessert Tacos
Chefs are now moving tacos to the sweet side of the menu
Picture for 10 Beloved Flavor Systems Finding A Creative Fit In Tacos
10 proven flavor combinations that hit that sweet spot of craveability and familiarity presented in taco format
Picture for Recipe: Beer Braised German Bratwurst With Onions
Recipe for Browned Bratwurst and sliced onions simmered in dark beer with garlic and thyme served in a warm Mission® 6″ Heat Pressed Flour Tortilla
Picture for Taco 2.0 Trend Insights
Insights into the tacos 2.0 trend from our panel of experts