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Soft On Tacos Best of Flavor 2018 | Tacology | Soft-Shell Crab Taco

Tacology offers a Soft-Shell Crab Taco with creamy jalapeño sauce

Best of Flavor 2018
Santiago Gomez, Executive Chef of Tacology, knows how to make a single ingredient shine. His Soft-Shell Crab Taco stars a breaded and fried soft-shell crab tucked into a flour tortilla, garnished only with a creamy jalapeño sauce.

“This is a simple dish. With just one bite you feel all the flavors and textures in your mouth—the combination of the crispy soft-shell crab, along with the tangy vinegar flavor of the jalapeño sauce,” he says.

This taco, on the menu since he opened the “mercado-style” restaurant last year, shares space with items like the Special Ribeye Taco, featuring ribeye, Mexican chorizo, chicharrón and salsa.

One of the reasons the Soft-Shell Crab Taco is a signature dish is its presentation, says Gomez. Soft shells generally turn heads in the dining room, but they’re even more dramatic and alluring when poking out of a tortilla.

“This dish is different from other tacos because of the combination of flavors and the presentation—that makes it a standout,” he says.


Santiago Gomez


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