Picture for Wasabi Mashed Potatoes
Wasabi Mashed Potatoes with wasabi oil, fried allium and chive tips
Picture for Flavor in Focus: Dig It
Chefs are looking to trending potato-centric dishes to drive consumer excitement
Picture for Flavor Makeover: Miso
Miso is poised to deliver its unique, savory earthiness to brunch
Picture for Idaho® Potato Curry and Noodles
Picture for Idaho® Potato Larder Latkes & Koji Cultured Cream
Picture for Idaho® Potato Samosadilla and Cilantro Lime Chutney
Picture for Crispy Lemon & Herb Idaho® Fingerling Potatoes
Picture for Idaho® Potato Mexican Tamale Sphere
Picture for Vegan Deviled Idaho® Red Potatoes
Picture for Idaho® Potato Gnocchi with Peas
Picture for Smashed Idaho® Fingerling Potatoes with BBQ Butter
Picture for Campfire Fingerling Potatoes
Picture for Idaho® Potato Chorizo Au Gratin
Picture for Idaho® Potato Hash Baes
Picture for Idaho® Potato Wrap Spring Rolls
Picture for Idaho® Potato Dahi Puri
Picture for Roasted Lebanese Potato Shawarma
Picture for Savory Rice Waffles
Picture for Loaded Hash Brown Packets
Picture for Deep Impact
Flavor has always been an imperative on menus, but today the expectations are higher than ever. Chefs are outdoing themselves, raising the bar with creative flavor combinations. Access to the global pantry, along with a joyful experimentation in mash-ups, is raising expectations while making flavor possibilities endless. Here are some menu builds that showcase creative components that pack a significant flavor punch.
Picture for You Say
Chefs today are stretching the potato's capability, bending it to glide seamlessly into modern snacks, sides and shareables while counting on its steady stance as one of America’s favorite comfort foods
Picture for Jamie Simpson Brings New Life to Fresh Potatoes
Chef Jamie, Executive Chef at The Culinary Vegetable Institute at The Chef’s Garden, brings new life to fresh potatoes with these eye catching, scrumptious dishes
Picture for Best Of Both Worlds
Idaho Potato Commission offers Idaho Potato and French Onion Soup: Baked russet potato, fontina, Asiago croutons, caramelized onions, bison stock, scallion, sour cream
Picture for Hash Flies High
Flying Biscuit Café offers a Chorizo Hash: Roasted potatoes, red and green peppers, onions, cheddar, chicken chorizo, over-medium eggs, tomatillo sauce, fresh cilantro
Picture for Plant-Based Crowd Pleaser
Potatoes help the chef tap into the veg-centric/plant-forward trend while still giving diners what they want—satisfaction, satiety and craveability
Picture for Salad Spinners
Inspirations for salad builds with a modern flavor narrative
Picture for Tortilla Española by Dan Kish
Chef Dan Kish of Food Fixe gives new life to dehydrated potatoes, which showcases his innovative use of dehy slices in a creative take on Tortilla Española, and dehy flakes as a delicious and gluten-free alternative breading for Chicken Milanese.
Picture for Hotel Allegro Short Rib Potato Hash
Picture for Butchertown Gnocchi with Wild Mushrooms
Picture for Field Notes: Bringin' Hasselback
Chefs are rediscovering the potential of this classic technique. The Hasselback technique encourages a fun interpretation of today’s best flavor systems.
Picture for Appetizer Innovation Gets a Makeover
Flavor Partners Showcase - Idahoan Potatoes offers shareable finger food recipes using Idahoan® Tater Tumbler Appetizer Mix
Picture for Small Potatoes Go Big
Small potatoes are making big moves and showing off their skills as a shareable, sociable innovation platform. Minis, marbles, fingerlings—all respond beautifully to flavor techniques like roasting, blistering, smoking and smashing.