Picture for Truffled Pepperoni Pizza Fries
Truffled pepperoni pizza fries with marinara and Mornay sauces
Picture for Flavor in Focus: Dig It
Chefs are looking to trending potato-centric dishes to drive consumer excitement
Picture for Hanger Steak Frites
Hanger Steak Frites with Hoover sauce, blue cheese and green onion.
Picture for Chili Cheese Fries
Chili Cheese Fries: hot, crispy fries topped with rich, hearty ingredients make for a reliably winning combination.
Picture for Fry High
This fan favorite stands out when trending flavors come into play
Picture for Five Global Takes on Loaded Fries
With fries providing a guarantee of comfort, these flavor builds promise safe adventure
Picture for Portobello Mushroom Fries
Portobello Mushroom Fries with basil-garlic aïoli
Picture for Caviar Frites
Crisp Yukon fries, Petrossian caviar, salmon roe, citrus crème fraîche, and nine-spice ranch
Picture for Sauced and Loaded Fries
Curly fries with beef chili, cheddar, cheese sauce or three-cheese blend, bacon and ranch
Picture for Gyro Fries
Gyro Fries with Fire Feta Sauce, pickled onions and harissa
Picture for Mexican Poutine
Schmaltz fries, pollo asado, jalapeño “Cheez Whiz”
Picture for Idaho Potato Pig Fries
Russet potatoes, sausage, carnitas, pork belly, harissa aïoli, Cotija cheese, cilantro
Picture for You Say
Chefs today are stretching the potato's capability, bending it to glide seamlessly into modern snacks, sides and shareables while counting on its steady stance as one of America’s favorite comfort foods
Picture for Med Fries via Berlin
Spitz Restaurants' loaded fries, with cool cucumber-y tzatziki, a spicy, garlicky tomato sauce, red and green cabbage slaw, diced onions and pepperoncinis.