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Med Fries via Berlin Best of Flavor 2017

Berliner Fries with Berliner red sauce, tzatziki, carrot-cabbage slaw, tomato, green pepper, olive, onion and pepperoncini
Robert Wicklund and Bryce Rademan

Robert Wicklund and Bryce Rademan

For loaded fries inspiration fitting within its menu of doner sandwiches and other Mediterranean-inspired street foods, Robert Wicklund and Bryce Rademan, founders of growing fast-casual Spitz Restaurants, visited the Turkish street carts in Berlin. They were looking for a new build, one that could perhaps rival their Street Cart Fries (garlic aïoli, feta, onion, green pepper, olives, tomato and pepperoncini) in popularity.

“Adding a menu item is a big deal for us, as we try to keep our menu as streamlined as possible, but we felt like it was time to add a sister item to our runaway hit,” says Wicklund. Their takeaway? A new build called the Berliner Fries.

“The Berliner Fries incorporate many of the ingredients we found at the various carts we visited around Berlin,” he says. “Hot crispy fries, cool cucumber-y tzatziki, a spicy, garlicky tomato sauce, which we developed specifically for this item upon our return, a slaw of red and green cabbage and carrots for crunch, and diced onions and pepperoncinis for a little spice.” To finish, diced tomato, cucumber, crumbled feta and Kalamata olives are added. “Looking at all the ingredients together, the Berliner Fries are a study in punch and cool,” he adds.

Although the Street Cart Fries are still the most popular on the menu, Wicklund thinks the Berliner Fries will eventually pull even. “Complex and balanced with point and counterpoint for every included flavor, they’re one of the best items on the menu. Wash them down with a crisp, craft pilsner and you’ll see what I mean. They bring me back to Berlin every time.”

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