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By Lisa Shames
May 18, 2022


Dave Wallmann

Dave Wallmann

From its inception, Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar has been led by a brand imperative to challenge the culinary boundaries and expectations for a casual burger and salad concept. The Salmon Teriyaki Sandwich embodies this commitment, offering an alternative to traditional meat-based offerings and delighting guests with an extraordinary sweet-savory combination of flavorful ingredients. “Guests seeking something other than a burger love having a fresh fish option,” says Dave Wallmann, Area Director. “Plus having an Asian-inspired item adds depth and variety to our menu.”

For the build, a wild-caught salmon fillet is grilled with teriyaki sauce, placed on a brioche bun and topped with housemade pineapple salsa and Sriracha. “The sweetness of the pineapple and brown sugar complement the salmon, while the Sriracha adds just the right amount of spicy kick,” says Wallmann. A pile of sweet potato fries is layered into the sandwich for a surprising crunch. “The sweet potato fries make this stand out from the rest,” he says. “It’s an unexpectedly delicious flavor combination!”


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