Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

By Flavor & The Menu
February 13, 2020

As bowls have become a menu mainstay and supply in the marketplace has gone up, consumer expectation has also gone up. The competitive difference, as always, comes down to flavor.

The key is ensuring that each component brings a unique element of flavor, texture and color.

“Thinking through how to boost flavor in the grains, vegetables, proteins, sauces and garnishes is the key to a modern bowl that fires on all cylinders,” says Robert LeSage, Corporate Chef for Haliburton Foods, a specialty foods processor.

That layering and balancing of flavors in a bowl can be challenging. “Haliburton helps operators build signature bowls that offer complexity of build without overtaxing back of house,” he says. Custom capabilities provide all-inclusive bowl blends that are simply heated and served as well as flavor-packed components that make bowls signature.

“Haliburton helps operators build signature bowls that offer complexity of build without overtaxing back of house.”
Robert LeSage, Corporate Chef, Haliburton International Foods


Haliburton’s custom culinary creations dial up the delivery of trend-forward flavor and texture play. Here are a few ways we can help make modern bowls craveable:

Bowl Bases

  1. Ancient Grain Blends studded with dried fruits, sweet roasted vegetables and crunchy seeds
  2. Riced Cauliflower flavored with spicy garlic, curry powder or citrus juice
  3. Brown Rice seasoned with Cajun spice or Aleppo pepper

Fruits & Vegetables (Fire Roasted/Pickled)

  1. Fire Roasted Pineapple Tidbits
  2. Pickled Soya Onions
  3. Fire Roasted Smokehouse Corn
  4. Spicy Pickled Red Bell Peppers
  5. Roasted Peaches

Sauces & Vinaigrettes

  1. Edamame Hummus
  2. Wasabi Avocado Crema
  3. Citrus Tomatillo Vinaigrette
  4. Tamarind Ancho Dressing
Haliburton International Foods

A Rice Cauliflower & Shrimp Bowl features Haliburton’s Certified Ready-To-Eat sesame citrus riced cauliflower, fire roasted red bell pepper, red onion, mukimame, broccoli and grilled shrimp.

Slideshow: Building Blocks for Craveable Bowls

From rice and grain bases and produce to sauces and vinaigrettes, flavor-forward components at every level are the key to craveable bowl builds. Watch the slideshow for three on-trend bowls featuring Haliburton International Foods’ custom culinary creations, showcasing easy solutions to signature bowls. For more inspiration, visit www.haliburton.net, and find outs how Haliburton can help with turnkey bowl ingredient solutions.


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