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Seafood & the Menu March-April 2020

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In our fourth installment of Seafood & The Menu we celebrate and recognize the craftmanship and creativity  of 10 women, culinarians from across the country, who share reflections about their global flavor explorations and how they translate them onto their menus.

These women have championed sustainability and introduced global flavors to local seafood and produce, creating exciting dishes that range from super-fresh, bright ceviche to bold flavored stews and everything in between.

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Stories in this Issue

Sheila Lucero

The Executive Chef at Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar in Colorado and Missouri showcases bold flavors in her seafood

Lindy Howell

The Lead Chef at Dega Catering and Southern Ground Studios in Nashville, Tenn. works tirelessly to find the best products wherever she lands, sourcing local seafood whenever feasible

Cindy Walter

The Co-owner of Passionfish, Pacific Grove, Calif., appealing to customers with elevated, intriguing flavors, she is furthering her cause of protecting the ocean

Mo Lesperance

The Executive Chef at Jack O’Neill Restaurant & Lounge in Santa Cruz, Calif. serves a scallop dish paired with lentils, chanterelles, escarole and a caviar beurre blanc

Cindy Pawlcyn

The Owner and Executive Chef of Mustards Grill in Napa, Calif. is guided by simplicity and local sourcing in her seafood decisions

Virginia Willis

When it comes to seafood preparations, a go-to technique for the chef and cookbook author from Atlanta is slow roasting

Sarah Forman

The Culinary Manager and Co-Creator of Fiber Fourteen in Austin, Texas is inspired by the cuisines of Southeast Asia

Mary Sue Milliken

The Co-Chef and Owner of the Border Grill Family of Restaurants in Southern California is inspired by her travels in Bali and other places

Susan Feniger

The Co-Chef and Owner of the Border Grill Family of Restaurants in Southern California menus ceviches and a poke, as well as Veracruzana and fish tacos