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Seafood represents big opportunities for foodservice, offering signature seafood-centric menu development and a pathway to sustainability initiatives. But it’s also a category that could benefit from clarity and guidance given its many complex issues.

Welcome to Seafood & the Menu—with seafood-focused content brought to you by Flavor & The Menu, in partnership with seafood authority Barton Seaver. We invite you to explore this menu-development resource, and dive into the vast opportunities with seafood.

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Stories in this Issue

Sustainable Seafood Resources for Chefs

There is a wealth of online resources that can help guide chefs through the process of finding the sustainable seafood they want to serve. Here are a baker’s dozen - most of these look at sustainable seafood through a national or even international lens.

Flavor ROI: Going Upstream

At Modern Market - a fast casual based in Denver that serves farm-fresh, artisan food, including wholesome grain bowls, modern salads and toasted sandwiches - director of culinary operations Nate Weir talks about how he worked to source exactly the right salmon, then showcased it in a Curried Salmon Bowl LTO, before developing a Salmon Caesar Salad that quickly became the No. 2 seller in the overall menu mix.

Seafood Consumer Trends

Seafood represents a major opportunity to move menus into the future, according to Datassential. Here are highlights from its Foodbytes Seafood Keynote Report issued in late 2017.

Seafood for Thought

Putting more seafood on your menu will help your customers reach the dietary goal of eating seafood twice a week. Customers will feel good knowing that restaurants care about their well-being and offer healthy and delicious seafood as a key menu choice.

Introduction to Seafood & the Menu

Cathy Holley welcomes you to this special issue, invites you to engage with us as a menu-development resource, diving further into the vast opportunities with seafood, and introduces you to Barton Seaver.

The Fillet of the Matter

Barton Seaver explains why his mission is to get more Americans eating more seafood more often across all demographics, and how this new Seafood & the Menu issue aims to help that mission.

Seafood FAQ

We asked two dozen chefs who serve an abundance of seafood to pinpoint the questions their customers most often ask their servers. Barton Seaver, chef, author and seafood evangelist, provides the optimal answers for a restaurant that has already defined its sustainable seafood policies.

6 Seafood Myths Debunked

When dispelling myths about seafood, it’s crucial to acknowledge those slivers of truth in order to separate fact from fiction, and explore the nuanced answers to the tough questions about sourcing, preparing and serving wholesome, responsibly-sourced seafood

5 Sauces that Span Seafood Options

Pristine seafood doesn’t necessarily require a sauce. But having one can help accentuate the personality of the fish or shellfish on the plate and add color and texture to the overall dish.

Scallops from Sur Lie

At Sur Lie, Portland, Maine the pan-seared scallops has developed an almost cult-like following. The scallops are sourced, processed and repacked meticulously to ensure this popularity is maintained.