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Branzino by Centrolina From Seafood & The Menu’s collection of best-selling seafood menu items of 2018

At Centrolina, Chef Amy Brandwein works with the James Beard Smart Catch program to maintain the restaurant’s commitment to seafood sustainability.
PHOTO CREDIT: Centrolina

Amy Brandwein, Chef/Owner | Centrolina, Washington, D.C.

The branzino is far and away the most popular seafood entrée that Amy Brandwein offers at Centrolina. Inspired by a dish she had on a recent visit to Italy’s Liguria region, where the same fish was paired with olives and pine nuts, she serves her version whole, head to tail, but boneless so that it can be stuffed with lemons, rosemary and thyme.

It is roasted in a wood-fired oven with white wine, potatoes, tomato and basil, then finished with sea salt. “The juices from the branzino combine with the acidic qualities of the wine, the sweet elements of tomato, salty elements of olive, creamy taste of Yukon gold potato confit and fruity extra-virgin olive oil,” said Brandwein.

She takes pride in Centrolina’s attention to quality and sustainability initiatives. “We are very particular about our sourcing and will go to great lengths to get the highest quality fish,” she says. “We also work with the James Beard Smart Catch program to evaluate our purchasing choices, and are a committed leader in the program.”

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