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Seafood & the Menu September-October 2019

Seafood & the Menu September-October 2019 cover

In our third installment of Seafood & The Menu we look at today’s culinary seascape. With today’s emphasis on source, chefs hold an opportunity to educate consumers about the advancements of farmed seafood. We feature chefs who tell an authentic story of sourcing and sustainability of seafood.

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Stories in this Issue

The Salmon Family: A Primer

The salmon category comprises a range of different species that are generally interchangeable in many recipes

Today's Culinary Seascape

October is National Seafood Month. We should honor the legacy of America’s first heirloom food—seafood—by looking ahead to the future

Oyster Icons

New Orleans offers four ways to celebrate the oyster

Danielle Leoni

The chef/owner of The Breadfruit in Arizona considers carefully where her products came from and buys those with a story she can believe in

From the Source

Ana Sortun menus both wild and farmed species, placing emphasis on the story of where they come from

Lior Hillel

The Executive Chef at Bacari in Los Angeles supports sustainable farming and uses questions about the origin of seafood as an opportunity for dialogue

Matthew Hobbs

The Executive Sous Chef at Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, D.C. regards it as a responsibility to be knowledgeable about the sourcing of ingredients

Brian Wubbena

Seeing where and how his food is produced is vital to the Director of Culinary at Truluck’s Restaurant Group in Austin

Bun Lai

The Chef at Miya’s Sushi in New Haven believes that choosing to eat sustainably farmed seafood is one of the most important choices a seafood lover can make

Jamie Malone

The Chef at Grand Cafe in Minneapolis helped make guests comfortable with farmed seafood via guest-server interactions

Phil Kastel

The Executive Chef at The Milky Way in Los Angeles teaches his servers everything there is to know about farm-raised as well as wild seafood so that they can share the pros and cons of both

Glenda Galvan-Garcia

The Executive Chef at Granville, Los Angeles, offers healthful options not only for her guests, but for the environment

Jeremy Sewall

The Executive Chef/owner at Row 34, Boston, is eager to share his passion for seafood with customers, using it as an opportunity to make a connection