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March-April 2019

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March-April 2019 Flavor cover

Street-level trends 2019, Eastern Med, hot cheese, Gen Z, dessert trends and flavor in delivery.

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Stories in this Issue

Flavor Trifecta: Alan Skversky

Alan Skversky is the corporate chef for San Francisco-based Boudin Bakery. We asked him to share a flavor trifecta that demonstrates creative, unexpected flavor play.

Signature Flavor: Going Green

This shareable dish of Middle Eastern Alaska Fish Cakes with Green Tahini Sauce captures the big opportunity in bringing together seafood, snackability and trending Eastern Med flavors

Eastern Med Moves In

Exploring deeper into this region’s food culture serves up big opportunity

Flavor Expedition 2019: Part 1

In 15 days that averaged 19 hours per day, Gerry Ludwig's team visited 116 new restaurants across the three cities, tasting 1,205 dishes along the way. This year’s greatest takeaway was the growing influence of global cuisines on mainstream menus.

Sandwiching the globe

Handhelds wrap global flavors and craveability into a familiar format

Healthy Perspectives

Two salient takeaways from The Worlds of Healthy Flavors conference, and the implications they have for our industry.

Flavor Watch: Play That Toum

Toum, a Lebanese condiment made with garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and salt, holds all the markings of a potential hit on U.S. menus

The Marvelous Melt

Hot, stretchy, gooey cheese guarantees craveability

Fired Up Pizza: 10 Flavor Builders

Pizza offers a safe point of entry with mainstream appeal—yet it’s positioned to step outside of traditional parameters. Here are 10 modern approaches that can propel pizza innovation.