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March-April 2018

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Mar-Apr 2018 Flavor cover

How consumer preference and flavor trends are changing the traditional entree.

The 2018 Trends Tour focuses on breakfast. New horizons in seafood menu development. Breakfasts – their shifting definition. Innovation in pizza. Fried chicken, salads with a modern narrative, and nonalcoholic refreshments.

And don’t forget to make room for dessert – how to infuse your brand’s personality into dessert offerings.

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Stories in this Issue

12 Ways with Seafood

12 seafood categories where opportunities abound, helping answer the call for new and exciting while satisfying a desire for wholesome protein choices

Publisher's Page Mar-Apr 2018

Welcome to the March-April 2018 issue from Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Cathy Nash Holley

Baked Egg Dishes

Baked egg dishes are an easy menu addition and allow for endless creativity using existing inventory items

The Main Event

How is innovation in other parts of the menu affecting modern entrée development? How are shifting consumer demands impacting the evolution of what an entrée looks like?

Three Menu Standouts

Frico and French onion dip are among some of the menu standouts from Chef Gerry Ludwig’s 2018 trends tour. See how they’re creating buzz on menus.

Pizza Pizazz

Creative ingredient play, unexpected flavor combinations and brand compatibility all mark the modern pizza trend

Room for Dessert

Infusing a brand’s personality into dessert offerings marks a sweet opportunity today

10 Butter Upgrades

Leverage butter’s magical ability to enrich and lengthen flavor experience while carrying trending flavors flawlessly

Signature Flavor: On the Fry

This dish demonstrates how chefs can apply a tremendous amount of creativity to fries through brines, glazes or infusions

Sweet Indian Mash-ups

In Indian mash-ups, subtle moves show up as a gentle touch, an easing in of flavor. The result is significant, offering delicious flavor discovery

Fried Chicken: 4 Ways to Win

4 ways to make your fried chicken dishes truly your own - using your story, flavor building, careful choice and use of oil, and choosing the right cut