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Fried Chicken: 4 Ways to Win Ways to make your fried chicken truly your own

Fried chicken with Tennessee caviar, spiced honey, and sable hot sauce, from Sable Restaurant, Palomar Hotel, Chicago
PHOTO CREDIT: Michelle Banovic

1 What’s Your Story?

Ordering fried chicken off a menu needs to be more than just a transaction, says CulinaryNXT’s Ron DeSantis. “Have you used regional or special spices? Is the spice mix or breading blend your own, and did you handle the chicken in a certain way? Any of those things will help you make your fried chicken truly your own.”

2 Flavor Building

“Be generous with your spices to ensure your fried chicken really tastes like something,” says Honey Butter’s Christine Cikowski. “Brining or some other kind of pre-treatment is also really important to ensure your chicken is delicious.”

3 Fry Business

Fried chicken is inherently hard on oil, accumulating a lot of particulates from the breading agent, says Food-Fixe’s Dan Kish. So it’s critical to care for your oil if you want to prevent your fried chicken from carrying a burnt taste. “Moderate the temperature so it doesn’t ever get too hot, and filter your oil regularly,” he suggests. “After the cooking process, give your chicken time to drain in a basket or on a rack rather than on a paper towel, which creates moist heat and can result in soggy spots.”

4 Beyond the Breast

The right cut is crucial when preparing fried chicken, says chef Edward Lee. “I see many chefs using breast meat, which is a very difficult cut of meat to fry. We only serve dark meat, which is tender and flavorful.”


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