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Trending Flavors in Non-Alc Beverages On-trend flavors in soda, lemonade and tea in 2018

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The following flavors in soda, lemonade and tea are showing impressive growth on menus over the last year, according to Datassential:

On-Trend Flavors in Soda

Clementine +65%
Yuzu +60%
Blackberry +41%
Mint 36%
Kiwi +22%
Tamarind +21%
Pineapple +20%
Blood orange +20%

On-Trend Flavors in Lemonade

Pineapple +76%
Cranberry +37%
Peach +32%
Lime +18%
Mango +13%
Blood orange +12%
Passion fruit +10%

On-Trend Flavors in Tea

Citrus +27%
Coconut +23%
Honey +20%
Strawberry +19%
Apple +20%
Hibiscus +16%
Honeydew +13%
Mango +13%
Ginger +11%
Peach +10%

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