Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development


July-August 2022

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July-August 2022 Flavor & The Menu cover

The July/August 2022 issue of Flavor & The Menu looks at trends in bread, seafood, burgers, non-alc beverages and much more.

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Stories in this Issue

Frico FTW

This crunchy, lacy cheese is elevating menus across all dayparts

LTO Wins: Rōti

Using LTOs to demonstrate brand philosophy

Cold & Cutting Edge

Next-level menu inspirations to elevate popular raw seafood options

Sea Solutions

New Wave Shrimp gave us a new way to market ourselves to a vegan clientele and offer them something unique and delicious that cannot be found anywhere else.

What Happened Next

Two years ago, these chefs shared strategic roadmaps for a rocky future. How have strategies evolved and where is menu development headed now?

Make It Grain

Today’s bread trends offer a world of menu opportunities

Sea Change

Modern seafood menus are evolving fast, showcasing an ocean of possibility