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Bibimbap: Made with Haliburton Sweet & Spicy Gochujang Sauce, Kimchi Style Pickled Cabbage Blend and Sesame Roasted Mushrooms & Red Peppers

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July 7, 2019

The key to craveability lives in condiments, where chefs can layer on show-stopping ingredients, building excitement, intrigue and, of course, flavor. The challenge is incorporating condiments that captivate modern diners—whether it’s on sandwiches, tacos, burgers or more. Today, a big source of serious inspiration comes from the vast Asian pantry, which is brimming with assertive, savory, funky, earthy flavors that introduce complexity and craveability to condiments.

“Exploring flavor combinations inspired by the Asian pantry is a no-brainer,” says Robert LeSage, Corporate Chef with Haliburton International Foods, a specialty foods processor. “Everything from a basic sambal to a gochujang aïoli packs a huge punch and elevates familiar formats to signature level.”

Haliburton looks beyond Sriracha and develops sauces and condiments that ride the wave of interest while offering something new and exciting. “Restaurant brands want to know what’s next, so Haliburton pushes further afield to develop those craveable Asian condiments that we think will resonate on American menus,” says LeSage. “There’s a world of possibility, and we’re ready to help.”

Trending Flavor Profiles

Here are a few trending flavor profiles that the chefs at Haliburton have developed recently, with suggestions on how to feature them on menus:

1. ssamjang — doenjang (fermented bean paste), gochujang, sesame oil, garlic, onion, green onion

Applications — spread on burgers, shrimp bao buns, fried chicken sandwiches; serve as a dipping sauce with fried seafood, potstickers, lettuce wraps

2. gochujang aïoli — garlicky mayonnaise flavored with gochujang

Applications — burgers, okonomiyaki, bao buns, poke nachos

3. umami sauce — dark eel sauce made with soy sauce, hoisin, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, brown sugar and mushroom powder

Applications — burgers, tacos, sandwiches, bao buns

Korean Melt

The chefs at Haliburton created high-impact elements for a Korean Melt, serving up big, funky, on-trend flavors:

Braised Pork
Braising in ssamjang sauce adds flavor and complexity to the dish

Garlic Sesame Aïoli
Fire roasted garlic boosts the umami while not overpowering the other ingredients

Pickled Kimchi-Style Cabbage
Provides a contrast with crunch, heat and acid that cuts through the richness

Gochujang Glaze
Spicy gochujang balanced with a touch of sweetness ties everything together

“The fermented aspect of many Asian condiments plays so well with a lot of modern menu development.”
Robert LeSage, Corporate Chef for Haliburton International Foods

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