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November 1, 2019

The flavor of ginger carries a lot of complexity. It’s clean, zesty, peppery, sweet, warm and spicy. With a bold, bright profile, it’s no surprise that ginger is at the forefront of menu innovation today. “We’re seeing ginger going in new and exciting directions in both food and beverage,” says Darren Loscalzo, VP of innovation for Monin.

“On the savory side of the menu, ginger adds a fresh zing to mayo-based sauces, dressings for bowl builds, savory broths, sweet-hot glazes for vegetables and proteins…the list goes on.”

Thanks to ginger’s bracing, refreshing flavor, it’s a natural in the beverage category, too. “It plays well in the overarching trend that calls for authentic ingredients and bold, creative flavors combinations in both nonalcoholic beverages and cocktails,” says Loscalzo.

Four Shades of Ginger

When leveraging the power of ginger, it’s important to choose the “right ginger” for the right application. Monin offers four products that deliver authentic ginger flavor, providing solutions for trend-forward menu development.

1 Ginger Purée

The newest member of Monin’s clean label Fruit Purées family, it’s made with real ginger and no artificial ingredients. It’s perfect for adding an authentic kick of ginger to beverages like aguas frescas, lemonades and punches. It also works well in dressings, glazes and sauces.

2 Ginger Beer Syrup

Technomic names ginger beer among its “Top 10 Flavors to Watch.” Monin’s clean label premium syrup delivers that on-trend flavor, introducing a handcrafted character to cocktails, mocktails, sodas and more. Captured in the syrup is ginger beer’s subtlety in spices balanced by delicate sweetness. Simply add to sparkling water for a housemade ginger beer. For a signature take on classic cocktails, add a splash of Monin Ginger Syrup to a Moscow Mule or Dark & Stormy.

3 Ginger Concentrated Flavor

This product brings natural, authentic ginger flavor to recipe development without adding sweetness. Ideal for any beverage or culinary application where the warm, spicy flavor of ginger is called for—from punches and lemonades to dressings and marinades.

Monin is proud to be the industry leader of clean label solutions.

4 Ginger Syrup

Boasting a tangy, peppery flavor of ginger with a fresh ginger root aroma, this classic flavor is ideal for warming up desserts or spicing up handcrafted beverages.

Ginger’s Unexpected Flavor Partners

Loscalzo suggests pairing ginger with these flavors—in beverages, dessert toppings, dressings or glazes—for incredible results that help build signature menu items:

  • guava
  • apple
  • blackberry
  • blueberry
  • tart cherry
  • blood orange

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