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Mellow Yellow Jell-o Shots with tequila, limoncello, lemon-lime cordial, gelatin

By Flavor & The Menu
April 19, 2019

Jenee Craver

Remember the days of Sex on the Beach, Jägermeister and Jell-O shots? Those college memories bring back a carefree time in our lives. Jenee Craver, Beverage Director at Sable in the Kimpton Hotel Palomar, reimagines the basic Jell-O shot into a divinely bright and boozy concoction. Her Mellow Yellow Jell-O Shots quiver with tequila, limoncello, lemon-lime cordial and gelatin.

“This Jell-O shot brings our guests back to a time in college when we were left to our own devices of mixing tequila with anything, and trying to make Jell-O shots out of anything we had laying around,” says Craver. “We are taking those memories, but providing a more flavorful and enjoyable experience, where the guests can taste all layers of flavor that they would normally find in a cocktail, but in a one-bite size piece.”

The Mellow Yellow is part of Sable’s ambitious new menu that features 19 original cocktails and two Jell-O shots, all inspired by multi-generational memories going as far back as 1880 and as recent as ’90s spring break. “The original concept was to make tequila gimlet shots,” she says. “We wanted the spec to be simple so the tequila could really shine. The limoncello adds an extra citrus punch and gives us the color that we were looking for. It’s a burst of flavor that definitely tells you that tequila is the star of the show here.”

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