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Plátano Maduro Pancakes with banana-passionfruit jam, whipped cream and vanilla-bean maple syrup

By Flavor & The Menu
April 19, 2019

Norman Van Aken

The Plátano Maduro Pancakes at Three exemplify the elevated Floridian cuisine that culinary icon Norman Van Aken is known for. Served on the brunch menu, the pancakes feature ripe plantains in the batter, which yield a wonderfully tropical sweetness to the fluffy stack of pancakes. Chef/Owner Van Aken tops them with a banana-passionfruit jam, whipped cream and a generous drizzle of vanilla-bean maple syrup.

“What makes this dish so flavorful is how the passionfruit sauce adds acidity to the overall dish, which balances the sweetness from the maduro plantains,” he says. Van Aken describes the pancakes as a “smash.”

“I find most of the dishes I have seen become hits are the ones that evoke both nostalgia and curiosity,” says Van Aken. “Nearly every child has had pancakes, and they are 99 percent positive memories. With the plantains, most guests are experiencing them in the context of pancakes for the first time. That triggers the curiosity.”

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