Picture for Umami Boost: Fingerling Potatoes
Indo | St. Louis, Mo.
Picture for Layering for the Season: Chilled Summer Idaho Potato Lasagna
Idaho Potato Commission + Oakleys Bistro
Picture for Inside Scoop: Twice-Baked Bone Marrow Potato
Harper’s | Dallas
Picture for Loaded with Possibility: BBQ Brisket Fries
Wienerschnitzel | Based in Newport Beach, Calif.
Picture for Aïoli Upgrade: Pink Fries
Spark | Oklahoma City
Picture for Baked & Fried Russet Potato
Baked and Fried Russet Potato with American cheese sauce, bacon, scallion, pickled sweet peppers and garlic streusel.
Picture for Rutabaga Tater Tots
Rutabaga Tater Tots with deviled egg dip and scallions.
Picture for Idaho Potato Flauta
Idaho Potato Flauta with hollandaise, pickled shallot and sorrel.