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By Flavor & The Menu
May 5, 2020


Zechariah Perez

Zechariah Perez

Creating signature versions of the craveable tater tot is a worthy ambition. At Sour Duck Market, a fast casual serving locally focused American fare, Chef de Cuisine Zechariah Perez offers up his take: Rutabaga Tater Tots. “The tater tots are crispy on the outside with a soft, tender potato bite on the inside,” he says. “Guests love it. It’s comforting and familiar.”

He combines fried rutabaga and russet potato with parsley, pickled mustard seed, cornstarch, gelatin and salt. After pressing the mixture into shape, it’s cooled, cut into pieces and deep fried. The Rutabaga Tater Tots are served with a creamy deviled egg dip that stars the usual suspects of mayonnaise, dill and paprika, but also features yogurt and charred green olives for a signature flavor.

Using rutabaga sourced from Texas helps deepen an important farm-to-table connection for Sour Duck Market. It also introduces a distinctive flavor profile to the tots. “The rutabaga adds a sweet-savory buttery flavor,” says Perez. “And it can be substituted with other vegetables to showcase seasonal changes.” He highlights the tots’ versatility, moving them from this snack menu item to a loaded tater tots dish with chili and sour cream and a hash bowl featuring the tots as the foundational element.


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