Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development
Picture for Soup Strategies
Building signature flavors in a bowl of comfort
Picture for Welcome to Best of Flavor 2021
This special “Best of Flavor” issue features 100 entries from our readers that showcase the flavor-forward innovation taking place in menu development today
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Picture for Smoke's New Draw
Chefs employ modern approaches to the art of smoke
Picture for Signature Flavor: Translating Sabich
This Green Chermoula Alaska Sole Sabich riffs on an original
Picture for Flavor Trifecta: Sheamus Feeley
A blend of powdered dashi, black truffle and cashews offers flavor inspiration.
Picture for Publisher's page Mar-Apr 2020
Welcome to the March-April 2020 issue from Cathy Holley
Picture for Flavor Takeaway: Puree Luxury
James Beard award-winner Zachary Engel shows off the menu potential of tahini with his black garlic version, with roasted beets and fresh dill
Picture for Flavor Makeover: Tropical Surprise
Integrate the exotic- but-accessible pineapple as a dynamic flavor component across menus
Picture for Flavor Watch: Kick it up a Nooch
Nutritional yeast adds a healthy boost of flavor
Picture for Flavor Expedition 2020: part 1
Street-level trend tracking reveals emerging menu opportunities
Picture for 10 Flavor Builders: New Deli
Refashion classic deli favorites to drive flavor opportunities
Picture for Pantry Powerhouses
When it comes to deli favorites, there are a handful of flavor fundamentals - here we list four.
Picture for Go With The Dough
Chefs take pizza to the next level with clever flavor play
Picture for The Mexican Gateway
Plant-forward cuisine is finding inspiration in modern Mexican flavors
Picture for Fry High
This fan favorite stands out when trending flavors come into play
Picture for Five Global Takes on Loaded Fries
With fries providing a guarantee of comfort, these flavor builds promise safe adventure
Picture for Pasta: The Shape of Things
Pasta’s storied traditions lead to richer menu narratives
Picture for The State of Pasta 2020
Trends and opportunities with pasta-centric menu development
Picture for The Immeasurable Value of Hospitality
Picture for French Dip
This timeless classic is primed for innovation
Picture for Global Handhelds: The World in Our Hands
Global handhelds endure as one of the most innovative menu categories
Picture for 10 Beverage Builders: Levantine Libations
Eastern Med flavors add intrigue to beverage menus
Picture for Flavor ROI: Quick Thinking
Making healthy and functional competitive in quick serve