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April 19, 2019

Eric Sell

The Roast Pork Shoulder at Osteria Mattone, an Italian restaurant that specializes in Roman fare, is embraced by brunch-goers thanks to its hearty, satisfying flavors. It stars slow-braised pork with a brown sugar and Calabrian chile glaze, served with a crispy potato cake and two eggs, any style.

“The slow-braised pork dish is totally primal,” says Eric Sell, Executive Chef. “It is all about tender pork, the right amount of fat, brown sugar and the spice and brightness of the chiles. The crispy potato cake gives a little crunch and grounds the dish with earthy flavors. I think it’s best with an over-easy egg—I love cutting into that yolk and having it run all over the sweet and spicy pork.”

Inspiration for the dish came from a Chinese technique for slow-roasting pork in rock sugar. “I have always loved that flavor profile,” he says. Offered only at brunch, the dish performs well. “For me, brunch is about atonement for the sins of the previous night,” says Sell. “This is one of our top-selling brunch dishes, so I suppose our guests have a lot to atone for.”

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