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By Flavor & The Menu
May 5, 2020


Farrokh Larijani photo

Farrokh Larijani

Greens & Beans Goodness at breakfast-centric concept Snooze leads with wholesome messaging while delivering a compelling flavor story. “We wanted to put forward this dish, as it highlights what Snooze encompasses: fresh ingredients, different, yet delicious flavors and the ability to customize,” says Farrokh Larijani, Director of “Heart of the House” Operations.

The foundation of the Greens & Beans Goodness is a cannellini bean ragout, flavored with roasted tomatoes, fresh thyme and garlic, then finished with olive oil and peri peri sauce, which Larijani calls the star of the dish. “Once the ragout has simmered, it’s slightly sweet and creamy from the beans with the right amount of acidity from the tomatoes and heat from the peri peri sauce, giving the final product a Tuscan flavor,” he says. Next, Snooze’s signature chicken sausage is crumbled into the ragout. When the beans start to caramelize, lacinato and curly kale are added, followed by broth to deglaze the pan. Avocado and a fried egg crown the bowl.


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