Picture for Boost the Umami
In his Umami Tuna Poke, Chad Lance finds that balance by replacing soy sauce with Monin® Umami Concentrated Flavor
Picture for The Art of Craveability
A must-have, come-back-for-more dish calls for a strategy that goes way beyond the recipe formula
Picture for Umami On Top
Chefs are exploring the menu potential of furikake and togarashi, two high-impact finishes
Picture for Bar Forward
Picture for 12 Modern Flavor Builders
Picture for The Magic of Grilling
Picture for Creating Crave
Picture for Changing Tastes
From salty to sour to umami, the basic tastes we know and love are taking on unconventional roles
Picture for Making the Most of Meat
Tapping the full potential of protein requires a flavor-centered touch
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