Picture for By Land and Sea: Surf & Turf Burrito
Chronic Tacos | Based in Aliso Viejo, Calif.
Picture for Rolling in Dough: Dire Wolf Chicken Wrap
Wolfnights | New York
Picture for Sizing Up: California Avocado Burrito
California Avocado Commission + Libelula
Picture for On a Roll: Latin Ninja Sushi Burrito
Sushirrito | Based in San Francisco
Picture for That's A Wrap: Bronco Burrito
Bad-Ass Breakfast Burritos | Based in Pasadena, Calif.
Picture for Masala Mash-Up
Curry Up Now offers a Tikka Masala Burrito: Chicken or paneer tikka masala, rice, chana and onions wrapped in a tortilla