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Me Want Cookie Best of Flavor 2017

Cookie Monster Cinnamon roll, cream cheese frosting, homemade cookie dough, chocolate sauce

For those unfamiliar with Cinnaholic, it might come as a surprise that a vegan bakery can produce indulgent treats like the Cookie Monster roll. But at this gourmet vegan cinnamon roll shop, with 18 units nationwide, it is par for the course to offer customers enticing cinnamon rolls that can be customized with more than 30 frosting flavors and 20 topping choices.

The Cookie Monster roll is one of Cinnaholic’s top sellers and starts with the signature recipe. “The dough is a gooey, delicious cinnamon-sugar recipe that is freshly rolled out with each new batch,” says Daryl Dollinger, President of Franchising. “The first layer of the Cookie Monster is spread thick with freshly made cream-cheese frosting, followed by a layer of our homemade cookie dough, and finished with a layer of rich chocolate sauce. The flavors of each layer and our signature dough combine to make a sweet, decadent experience.”

All this is done without the use of dairy, lactose, eggs or cholesterol. Cinnaholic’s cream cheese and butter are made from soy-based products; beet sugar serves as sweetener; and eggs are replaced with a mix of potato starch and tapioca.

Customization adds to the fun. “We give people the freedom to change the frosting and drizzle flavors or add additional toppings such as nuts, fruit or our homemade pie crumble for a bit of crunch,” says Dollinger. “It’s a huge hit with our customers.”

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