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A Bright Star Best of Flavor 2017

Mochica Cebiche Lime-marinated seasonal whitefish, cilantro, red onions, caramelized sweet potato, choclo

Ray Cardenas, Chef de Cuisine at Nazca Mochica, sees the Nazca Mochica Cebiche as an introduction to authentic Peruvian cuisine, the focus of this restaurant. “For many guests, it’s a first step into a world of cuisine they’ve never explored before, and it makes a bold statement about Peruvian flavors,” he says. “It’s a favorite on the menu, both for its freshness and its startlingly bright flavors. Flavorful dishes do not need to be heavy or overly rich, which this cebiche epitomizes.”

Nazca’s cebiche (also known as ceviche) stars delicate pieces of fresh whitefish served in leche de tigre, made with vegetables, ginger, fish broth, lime juice and ají amarillo peppers. More lime juice and fresh cilantro are then added to the plate, along with a Peruvian native corn called choclo and caramelized sweet potato.

“Although there are a lot of delicate components to the Mochica Cebiche, the gentle balance of acid and sweetness lends a purity to the dish,” says Cardenas. “It is a masterful balancing of multiple flavor profiles. Too much citrus and the dish is overwhelming, but with the right touches of spice, fresh herbs like cilantro, onion and lightly sweet elements like corn or sweet potato, it becomes a refreshing dish that provides an elegant introduction to Peruvian cuisine.”

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