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By Flavor & The Menu
May 5, 2020


Garret Meyer photo

Garret Meyer

As guests who visit modern Italian concept Sarto’s have become more adventurous, Executive Chef Garret Meyer has rolled out increasingly ambitious specials, including an appetizer so successful in its flavor play that it quickly graduated to the permanent menu. “Pork and shellfish have always been a ‘best of flavor’ for me,” says Meyer. “It usually takes a more experienced eater to appreciate such intense flavors.”

The Steamed Clams in Arrabbiata with lardo features Manila clams steamed in a broth of arrabbiata, red wine, shallot, garlic and charred fennel. “The fennel adds an anise flavor that typically pairs well with the shellfish or brothy seafood dishes,” says Meyer. Butter and lemon juice bring in richness and acidity, and deep-fried crispy strips of lardo provide a savory garnish. Meyer considered incorporating the lardo into the broth, but that made it oily and masked the clams’ sweetness. “Using the lardo as a garnish allows for a subtle broth, but also delivers a punch of flavor,” he says.


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