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True Grit Best of Flavor 2017

Grit Soufflé Local goat cheese, grits, bacon beurre blanc, shiitake and crispy leek

Talk about crossover appeal. Grits get a refined makeover in the elegant Grit Soufflé at Watermark Restaurant, an elevated Southern concept. Capitalizing on the continued love affair with modern Southern dishes, the appetizer is a rich and creamy dish, made like a classic cheese soufflé with layers of goat cheese, but with Anson Mills grits added.

The Southern theme continues with a smoky Benton’s bacon beurre blanc. Finely shredded crispy shiitake and leeks top it off, adding both textural contrast and flavor depth.

“This has been a successful dish for us over the years because it highlights the great flavors of the South with a sophisticated French preparation,” says Hughes Brown, Director of Operations. “Plus, what’s not to love about cheese, butter, bacon and grits?”

This elegant remix of down-home flavors is Watermark’s top-selling appetizer—and is the only dish that the restaurant has never taken off the menu.

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