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Lobster Takes a Bao Best of Flavor 2017

Eventide Brown Butter Lobster Roll Lobster meat, brown butter vinaigrette, bao-style steamed bun, sea salt, chives
Mike Wiley

Mike Wiley

There are delicious lobster rolls to be found all over Maine, none of which can be called the definitive lobster roll. Some use butter, some mayonnaise; others battle over toasted versus steamed bun.

At Eventide, no comparison is necessary—it’s a very different creation. The iconic Eventide Brown Butter Lobster Roll has made its name by combining sweet lobster meat with a nutty, salty brown butter vinaigrette, tucked in a soft, buttered bao-style steamed bun. Sea salt and finely chopped chives finish the dish.

The restaurant’s Chefs/Co-Owners Mike Wiley and Andrew Taylor selected the bao as the ideal accompaniment to the succulent lobster meat. “The steamed bun is light and tender, lending it perfectly to the Asian and Mediterranean flavors of the restaurant,” says Wiley.

“The savory bite is rich yet polished, and can be enjoyed on its own or split and shared as a small bite among friends.” The simple-yet-sophisticated lobster roll epitomizes the restaurant’s overall approach to traditional seaside fare: elevated interpretations of iconic dishes.

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