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April 7, 2021

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The sandwich category is seeing incredible flavor innovation today. Propelled by the demand from consumers who need the convenience and portability of handhelds, operators are menuing trend-forward builds that give them a competitive edge. Global flavors are a natural go-to with sandwiches, delivering adventure in a friendly format.

Of course, protein plays a crucial role in sandwich development. As a lean protein that carries flavor, turkey is an ideal choice when developing modern global sandwiches. Chefs can rely on Butterball Foodservice for their turkey-centric builds.

Menu mentions of the BANH MI are predicted to grow 25% over the next 4 years.*


Using the sandwich as a way to translate global dishes and flavors is a tried-and-true strategy. The challenge is landing on the right protein and the most appealing flavor combinations. The Pavo Saltado offers a great case study. Its build demonstrates a deft balance between adventure and comfort, leveraging a global profile and featuring a familiar protein—all tucked into a beloved format, the sandwich. Here, the familiarity of lean turkey breast eases the diner into the experience of trying the flavors of Peruvian saltado, a craveable stir fry that typically features marinated meat, red onion, tomato and french fries.


Turkey is ranked among the TOP THREE most menued proteins in the sandwich category.*


Adding high-impact ingredients from the global pantry is a sound approach to sandwich innovation. So is making a simple tweak to a global sandwich that is already familiar to Americans. Cat-Su Sando, a new Japanese-inspired takeout/delivery-only sandwich shop in Chicago, riffs on the popular turkey club with its Club Sando, which sports turkey, Spam, provolone, mustard-ranch jam, lettuce, bacon and hot peppers.

Daytime eatery Middle Child in Philadelphia adds a global accent of blueberry-masala jam to The Surfer, its turkey sandwich with Swiss cheese, arugula and mayo.

And Butterball’s Turkey Cuban signaturizes the Cubano, an approachable global handheld, by switching out the traditional pork, ham and pickles with turkey ham, grilled turkey breast and pickled red onions.

*Datassential, January 2021

This Pavo Saltado moves the craveable flavors from the traditional Peruvian beef stir fry to a signature turkey-centric sandwich.Butterball Foodservice

This Pavo Saltado moves the craveable flavors from the traditional Peruvian beef stir fry to a signature turkey-centric sandwich.

Menu mentions of the CUBANO are predicted to grow 15% over the next 4 years.*Butterball Foodservice

Menu mentions of the Cubano are predicted to grow 15% over the next 4 years.*

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