Picture for 10 Flavor Builders: Getting Toasted
Craveable sandwich builds enliven fall and winter menus
Picture for Sandwich Success
Carving out differentiation in a crowded category
Picture for The Cowboy Sandwich
Spicy-crispy chicken sandwich topped with bacon, cheddar, jalapeño, pickles and Hoss sauce
Picture for The Wolf Sandwich
Griddled bologna, Texas toast, lettuce, American cheese, Dijonnaise, sea salt and housemade kettle chips
Picture for PST Club Sandwich
Smoked turkey, bacon, ranch dressing, Muenster, avocado, iceberg lettuce, giardiniera on sourdough
Picture for Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich
Leg of deep-fried chicken, toasted sesame bun, spicy daikon slaw
Picture for Shank JB Melt
Shank JB Melt with spiced beef shank, cheese curds, spicy mayo, cucumber, flaky pancake
Picture for Spicy Cajun Chicken Sub
Cajun grilled chicken breast, cherry peppers, pepper Jack cheese, Cajun mayonnaise, mustard, toasted roll