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The Secret’s in the Sauce Best of Flavor 2017

Beef Filet with mushroom and Cognac XO sauce

Dan Kirsh

A proven pathway to signature flavor is often built by a memorable sauce. The time and attention in the development of rich flavor comes across in the luxurious mushroom and Cognac XO sauce accompanying the beef filet at Kirsh Bakery & Kitchen, a Modern American concept.

“Layered flavors come from the stock used to create the sauce,” explains Dan Kirsh, Chef/Owner. “Beef stock takes 48 hours, with bone marrow and knee bones that are slowly roasted in the oven.” The stock is then slowly cooked with tomatoes, celery root, parsley root, carrots, leeks and spices for 36 hours, and then finely strained and cooked for another 12 hours until it is reduced down to an almost jelly-like state. This is used to create the base of the sauce.

The rich, intense sauce starts with flambéed Cognac with butter and mushrooms, to which the rich stock and heavy cream are added. “The organic beef filet is grilled and served with truffled french fries, which should be dipped in the fantastic beef sauce,” says Kirsh.

“It comes across as a simple dish, but the level of flavors built in the cooking process creates the perfect bite.” The new menu originally didn’t include the filet, and the reaction was immediate. “People were going crazy! They would ask us, ‘Where is that fantastic sauce?’ It was the first dish to return on the new dinner menu.”

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