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Hot Honey Pan-Asian Poutine

Successful flavor combinations today see a tempering: a yin to a yang, a sweet to a heat. Chefs are discovering the magical synergy between Sriracha and honey. In fact, Datassential reports that menu mentions of that pairing have more than doubled over the last four years. On behalf of the National Honey Board, Chef John Csukor of KOR Food Innovations perfectly captures the harmony of that flavor marriage in this Hot Honey Pan-Asian Poutine.

“This craveable mash-up turns up the heat—perfectly balanced with sweet—on a perennial favorite: french fries,” says Catherine Barry, Marketing Director for the National Honey Board. “An appetizer/shareable/small plate, this savory dish was created and showcased at The Flavor Experience, where it was met with rave reviews from some of America’s top tastemakers.”

The fries are tossed in a honey-Sriracha sauce (honey, Sriracha, soy sauce, chile-garlic sauce and ginger), then topped with a pan-Asian gremolata, giving the dish textural contrast. For that element, Csukor combines peanuts, ginger, cilantro, sesame oil, lime zest and Fresno chiles. “Honey is a pivotal player in the continuing sweet-heat trend,” says Barry. “It’s the ingredient that balances and unites these disparate flavors and ingredients, and adds viscosity and mouthfeel to the ‘hot honey’ sauce. Peanuts add crunch, and they combine with ginger and cilantro for fresh global flavors and aroma.”

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