Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

By Flavor & The Menu
January 9, 2020

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Cardamom adds new depth to beverages, either as a garnishing sprinkle to introduce an alluring aromatic expression or in syrups and tinctures, as a way to impact builds with assertive and complex flavor. Cardamom adds aroma and accentuates the savory nuances in both the fruit and spirit in drinks like bourbon fruit smashes, flavored Old Fashioneds and Tiki cocktails.
DAVID COMMER, President, Commer Beverage Consulting

Creative menu ideas with cardamom include: black cardamom spice rubs for proteins and vegetables, cardamom-infused honey as a drizzle on fruits and pastries, an apple pie steamer dusted with cardamom spice, a pomegranate and cardamom kombucha or a ginger and cardamom lemonade.
ROSALYN DARLING, Associate Culinary Director, SRG

Cardamom is one of the more underutilized spices in most chefs’ spice cabinets. For many, it’s because cardamom is quite strong in flavor and can quickly go from complementing to overwhelming. It’s an unknown spice to a lot of consumers here and is usually associated with Indian cuisine. A few of the biggest opportunities for operators is through rubs, marinades and brines, or incorporated into fermented foods.
CHRIS CASSON, VP of Sales, Produce & Specialty Foods, Shamrock Foods Company

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