Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

By Kathy Casey
January 9, 2020

Cardamom is a globally integrated spice often used in Scandinavian baked goods and Eastern Mediterranean cuisines.

Flavor profiles like chai are easily translatable to items such as desserts, breakfast items and even specialty cocktails.

Cardamom syrups and bitters add an exotic layer of flavor into cocktails and non-alc options.

Here are additional ideas for cardamom:

  • Cardamom Spiced Meatballs with apple chutney and minted yogurt
  • Golden Turmeric Panna Cotta with cardamom salted caramel
  • Golden Roads Cocktail with gin, lime, mango, turmeric and cardamom syrup
  • Dragon Fruit & Cardamom Rose Soda

About The Author


Kathy Casey is a celebrity chef, mixologist, and pioneer in the bar-chef movement. Early in her career she was named one of Food & Wine’s “Hot New American Chefs.” Kathy is the owner of Kathy Casey Food Studios – Liquid Kitchen, a global agency specializing in food and beverage innovation and concept development. Her team can often be found in the field training staff and supporting new openings. A successful restaurant owner and operator, Kathy’s concepts include Dish D’Lish and Rel’Lish Burger Lounge. Kathy is a founding partner in 1915 KCHouse Concepts, a women-owned airport food & beverage operations company. Lucky Louie Fish Shack will be their first location, opening at Sea-Tac Airport this year. She is the author of 10 cookbooks, including the James Beard Award-nominated Kathy Casey’s Northwest Table (Chronicle Books, 2006).