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Watermelon Whimsy Best of Flavor 2017

Watermelon Salad - Compressed watermelon, mozzarella, baby heirloom tomatoes, fennel, cucumbers, basil, lemon-curd vinaigrette
Fred Raynaud

Fred Raynaud

The modern, mindful approach to salad is on display in the creative Watermelon Salad at Southern-inspired Hen Quarter, a Pheast Food Group concept. The classic Caprese salad gets a fresh interpretation, showcasing how well watermelon can perform as the star of a salad.

Vacuum-compressed watermelon balls combine with soft-creamy ciliegine mozzarella, crisp English cucumbers, bright heirloom tomatoes, torn aromatic basil, shaved fennel and comforting lemon-curd vinaigrette.

“I wanted to create a salad on par with our sweet-and-savory corn, leek and cheddar waffle and our rosemary-sugar brûlée smoked pork belly—one that embraced our Southern-inspired roots, and stood out as a garden tribute to watermelon,” says Fred Raynaud, Global Certified Master Chef and Chief Culinary Officer for Pheast Food Group.

“The playful nature of this Caprese spin demonstrates our core beliefs in new product development—develop with passion, pursue with purpose, and take pleasure in a whimsical approach to creating dynamically flavorful products. I wasn’t surprised to see this salad move to the head of the pack. What did surprise me was how many patrons chose to marry this healthy salad with a fried chicken add-on! I thought to myself, ‘This is brilliant—the consumer’s new approach to self-indulgence.’”

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