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Devilish Pairing Best of Flavor 2017

B.O.B.’s Brewery Deviled Eggs with maple bacon “fries”

Mick Rickerd

The burgeoning snacking category is driving innovation in even the simplest flavor combinations. Gilmore Catering, an extension of The Gilmore Collection restaurant group, offers a reimagined take on the classic combination of bacon and eggs. Deviled eggs star a chipotle and pickled onion/egg-yolk filling with a simple chive garnish. They’re partnered with a “fry cut” of cherrywood-smoked bacon, dipped in Michigan maple and cracked Tellicherry peppers.

“They are slowly basted until we achieve the perfect results: sweet and slightly spicy little candied meat fries,” says Mick Rickerd, Executive Chef and Director of Foodservice.

This newest item on the snack menu has become an instant top seller, helped along by a key factor: “The staff loves the bold flavors and whimsical take on a classic. And when the staff loves it, it’s an easy sell,” he says. “Servers can easily sell multiples to their tables. The guests see the familiarity of the deviled egg, but the bacon fries spark a curiosity. The unique pairing snags the order.”

Bartenders pair this snack offering with Michigan craft beers and feature the bacon fries as a cocktail garnish. Rickerd also credits the menu item’s simplicity for the instant success. “As chefs, we sometimes over-complicate dishes,” he notes. “This dish is simply prepared with quality ingredients, and that is key.”

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