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Carolina Meats Cuban Best of Flavor 2017

The Cuban Pulled pork and ham, Carolina gold barbecue sauce, pickles

Even though Cottage Inn Pizza opened its first restaurant way back in 1948, its offerings are of-the-moment, capitalizing on trending flavor combinations and ingredients. Case in point: The Cuban, which mashes up the flavors of the craveable Cuban sandwich with the signature Cottage Inn Pizza crust. “The Cuban is an unusual pizza that has proven to be a smash hit with pizza lovers,” says Myranda Grim, Director of Communications.

“With Carolina gold barbecue sauce, pulled pork and ham, topped with bread-and-butter pickles, The Cuban is definitely not the usual pepperoni pizza. But the combination of the pickles with the meat and barbecue sauce piqued our guests’ curiosity enough to give it a try, and the unique flavor profile made them fall in love with it and order it again and again. The Cuban even placed seventh at The 2015 North American Pizza and Ice Cream Show!”

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