Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development
Picture for Catching the Wave of Flavored Tequilas
Producers and restaurants alike are finding value in flavor-infused tequila.
Picture for Mochi 3 Ways: Savory, Sweet and Sippable
From chicken wings to milk tea, mochi’s menu possibilities span the entire menu
Picture for The Citrus Condiment Delivering Savory Heat
Japan’s yuzu kosho is a spicy citrus paste that packs a flavor punch
Picture for Mexico’s Answer to the Espresso Martini
The carajillo cocktail stars strong coffee and Spanish liqueur, with notes of warm baking spices
Picture for The Other, Other Curry
Lesser known than its India and Thai counterparts, Japanese curry is winning fans with its comfort food vibes and rich, savory flavor
Picture for 9 Takes on Mexico's Aguachile
Not to be confused with South American ceviche, aguachile exemplifies Mexican cuisine's blend of heat and citrus
Picture for Beverage Spotlight: Mangonada
Tapping into this drink’s winning flavor combination
Picture for Al Pastor's Untapped Menu Potential
Whether a seasoning, sauce or cocktail rim, al pastor imbues bold flavor across cuisines
Picture for New to You: Flavor-Packed Tadka
Rich, aromatic and transformative, this Indian technique is a gamechanger
Picture for Worldly Ways
Blueberries bring sweet-tart flavor, pleasing color and familiarity to global builds
Picture for Pearl Sugar Possibilities
Taking a closer look at the menu possibilities with this unique crunchy sweetener
Picture for Exploring the Viet-Cajun Trend
Mash-up blending the unique flavor combinations of Vietnamese cuisine with signature Cajun flavors
Picture for Bel Delivers the World
With a few easy add-ins, these iconic cheese products serve up trending global flavors
Picture for Honey Craft
Bringing together the individual artistry and expertise of chefs and beekeepers
Picture for A Sweeter Burn
How honey can temper hot spices with just the right amount of sweetness
Picture for A Global Opportunity: Roti John
This humble omelette sandwich offers a world of opportunity
Picture for The Next Big Condiment: Tkemali
This Georgian staple is ready to lend a big flavor boost to American menus
Picture for A Flavor to Watch: Doenjang
Get ready for Korea’s umami-packed flavor booster
Picture for More Versatility for Your Menu
Meatless protein options for any cuisine and daypart
Picture for Flavor Odyssey
Highlights from the 2023 Flavor Experience