Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development
Picture for Sea Level
Employ culinary techniques to convey premium cues in takeout fish dishes
Picture for Give Me Something to Hold Onto
With takeout and delivery in full focus, handhelds offer a practical, proven format for portability
Picture for Flavor in Focus: Breakfast is Calling
This long-time favorite wins consumers over with comfort, whimsy, function and flavor
Picture for Deep Dive: What Comes Next?
High-volume chefs reflect on the steep learning curve of the past few months, and share strategies for the path forward
Picture for Plant Forward on the Move
Translating modern meatless flavor experiences into optimal off-premise options
Picture for Tamale with a Twist
Tamales represent a few of today’s biggest trends—comfort food, global flavors and portability, all wrapped up with a street-food sensibility. They fit into snacks and shareable menus nicely while lending a versatile recipe that welcomes signature versions.
Picture for Trend Case Study
It would be a stretch to say that any dish could represent all 10 trends covered in this special issue, but we found this one worthy of a close look at its components. Call it a case study in on-trend presentation and flavor building.
Picture for Signature Flavor: On the Fry
This dish demonstrates how chefs can apply a tremendous amount of creativity to fries through brines, glazes or infusions