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The Golden Touch Best of Flavor 2018 | The Whistler | Golden Fleece

The Whistler offers its Golden Fleece: Kikusui Funaguchi sake, preserved Meyer lemon, honey, soda

Best of Flavor 2018
Meyer lemons are sweet and complex, and when preserved, they offer even more flavor dimension. The Golden Fleece cocktail at The Whistler cocktail lounge/music venue/art gallery makes good use of the Meyer lemon in a riff on a Japanese highball, created by Bar Manager Julieta Campos.

“I combine Kikusui Funaguchi sake, honey, preserved Meyer lemon and lemon juice in a shaker tin, give it a short shake and top it with Topo Chico soda,” says Campos. She says the lemon is preserved in a light vinegar brine, which plays well with the rich fattiness of the sake.

“I pour this over five to six cubes in a Collins glass. There are only a few flavors here, but the preserved lemon lends a smooth complexity. The cocktail is akin to a shrub, however a touch lighter and brinier.”

Campos says the drink has been well received by guests. “It’s one of those tantalizing drinks that I find myself incessantly sipping without worry, as it holds a low ABV,” she says.

“I think this drink is successful because it awakens all of your taste buds, but doesn’t overwhelm the palate.”


Julieta Campos


From the May/June Best of Flavor 2018 issue of Flavor & the Menu magazine. Read the full issue online or check if you qualify for a free print subscription.



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