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Triple-Comfort Noodles Best of Flavor 2017

Chicken Katsu Curry Ramen Japanese curry and panko-breaded chicken over ramen noodles

More American diners are embracing Japanese comfort food, like ramen, curry and katsu. At Ani Ramen House, these three craveable dishes join together in one best-selling bowl. Thick ramen noodles are covered with a savory-sweet Japanese curry sauce with vegetables and a soft-boiled egg, all topped with deep-fried chicken katsu.

“The result is one of the most comforting ramen dishes we offer at Ani Ramen House as a special,” says Julián Valencia, Executive Chef. “Japanese curry is smooth, mild and is fairly sweet compared to Indian curry. It is not too spicy, and the sweetness from honey, apples and sometimes chocolate creates a delectable and comforting dish.”

“In Japanese restaurant kitchens, it is a tradition to make curry at least once a week for a family meal or staff meal,” he says. “At Ani Ramen we make it more than once in order to fulfill our craving, and, of course, offer it to our customers.” It’s offered as a weekly special and sells out each time. “People love it,” says Valencia. “We get phone calls and messages on social media asking for it.”

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