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Six Winning Salad Strategies Flavor builds and more

Rethink your salad menu strategy.  Go with two to three core salads on your menu that have longevity year-round, then implement a robust salad LTO cycle that features a new seasonal salad offering every two months. This brings authenticity to your overall menu, as guests can see that your operation is making seasonality, freshness and culinary creativity a priority.

Flavor-Building Ideas
  1. Salads are inherently seasonal, so showcase ingredients as they come in and out of season, touting their peak flavor and sourcing stories.
  2. Hot can be cool—hot has its place in salads, as in char-grilled wedges or leaves of lettuce, slabs of roasted cauliflower and more.
  3. Be mindful of salad structure: composed, tossed, rustic, chopped, scooped and more bring vast versatility options.
  4. Incorporate fruit- and vegetable-based juices into your housemade dressings.
  5. Add a vibrant kick to salad greens with chopped fresh herbs.
  6. Use healthful ingredients like Greek yogurt, bloomed chia, puréed beans, vegetable purées, nut butters and avocados as part of a satiating base for creamy salad dressings.


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